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Hotel design can be sophisticated and requires careful planning regarding the client’s needs for the facility along with the designer’s vision. We customize the design concept to fit your hotel needs and investment targets by involving specialized architects and interior designers, environmental and structural engineers, and skilled contractors and suppliers, particularly for large, complex projects.

Our range of expertise includes hotel design, resort design, spa design, restaurant design, and office design. With our extensive experience, we have successfully integrated new design management practices into the engineering of our projects to ensure optimal quality, reliability, and return on investment.


We believe hotels and resorts benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and we believe the environment benefits from reduced levels of pollution. We are proud to offer products and services that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR, Waste-Wise, and Green Power Partnership.



We develop hotel properties with lasting value and a BIG Feel-Good factor.

In order to do so, we carefully fulfill ambitious and challenging requirements. Well-founded market and trend analyses provide us with reliable information about ideal markets and profitable opportunities. In addition, select locations, unique architectural designs, and practical operating concepts ensure an extensive use of capacity over the long term. To achieve these aims, we form partnerships with famous international hotel operators as early as the planning phase.

Every hotel property we create is a sustainable, attractive, and unique entity—not only for users and guests, but also for investors.


We invite you to visit our project showcase as a reference of our work.

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